Moderator of the Month

Each month, the DDR Freak population decides on a moderator of the month by a poll. The moderator selected is an example of the best our forums offer and go above and beyond the call of duty.

May's Mod of the Month:
Junior Asparagus!

Name: Christopher Guen

Age: 24

But how old do people say you LOOK like?: I used to look a lot younger than I was, but I haven't really heard it in a while. Maybe I look my age now?

Nationality: Chinese-American.

Location: Natick, MA

Relationship status: Single. Interested? ;)

Kids: I should probably work on the relationship status first, but they'll come eventually!

Been playing DDR since: I think since around January of 2001.

Freestyler, Perfect Attacker or just for fun: All of the above, but I've always just played for fun. I've actually won freestyle tournies though. My top finish in PA was 3rd a couple of times, but that was before anyone was good.

What drew you to DDR in the first place?: I just saw it at an arcade and it looked like lots of fun. I watched people play it for a while and then came back a few days later to try it out for myself.

What is your favorite DDR song?: I have lots. I guess I'll say Caution/Gyoung Go from the Korean 3rd Mixes (and PIU)

What is your favorite bemani song?: Same as above. I like lots of the cutesy songs too, and songs sung by Sana.

What Bemani/Other Music Games do you play outside of DDR?: I'll play anything. I used to be into Para Para a lot (and before you ask, no, I'm not gay :D). I don't really understand why everyone's in love with IIDX/pop'n though. Pressing buttons just isn't as fun as stomping or hitting things with sticks.

Favorite bemani/other music game: For Bemani, probably Drummania. I love Space Channel 5 though.

What is your favorite aspect about DDR?: Just the fact that I've met lots of my closest friends through a strange video game.

How long have you been coming to DDR Freak: I don't even remember. Probably shortly after I found out about the game.

How long have you been a moderator?: I think it was around the summer of '02.

What helps you keep your sanity while moderating the site?: I'm a sane person as it is. I like dealing with people and I don't get angry very easily. I don't think it's a hassle at all.

What do you enjoy doing outside of DDR?: Lots of things! I'm a huge sports fan and I'll play anything. I'm a computer programmer, although I'm not as hardcore as a lot of the people out there. I enjoy good movies and books and comics.

Favorite movie, food, and book: I'm not good at picking favorites. :P My favorite movie is probably Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. My favorite literary work is probably the Strangers in Paradise comic. If you're looking for a good book recommendation, try Youth in Revolt by CD Payne. I think it would appeal to the kind of people that browse this site. I can't pick a favorite food. It depends entirely on what I feel like eating at the time.

What does your nickname on DDR Freak mean?: Junior Asparagus is a character from Veggie Tales, a Christian cartoon. I'm not religious at all, but it's cute. Back before DDR, some of my friends were watching Veggie Tales and said Junior Asparagus reminded them of me, so I started using it as my handle.

Have you met anyone from DDR Freak in real life?: Plenty of people! I've met the majority of people in New England, as well as most of the mods.

Have you slept with anyone from DDR Freak?: The annual DDR Freak mod trip is basically an excuse for me to sleep with J Dogg. Damn is he sexy! ;P Aside from that, well, I don't kiss and tell...

What do you do for a living? Do you enjoy it?: I am a web developer for Hasbro, and I bring you websites featuring all your favorite toys, such as and It's a blast!

Do you travel often? If so where is your favorite place to visit?: Nah, E3 is actually my big trip for the year. I do little day trips and stuff, but nothing big. Around New England, my favorite place to visit is probably the Newport, RI, area. It's nice down there (unlike the rest of the state)!

Any New Year's Resolutions?: I usually don't make resolutions. I don't need the beginning of the year to remind me to do anything. Besides, it's already May.

Three things you like about yourself?: I think I'm very understanding, a good listener, and thoughtful.

Three things you hate about yourself?: I don't HATE anything about myself, but of course I'm not perfect or anything. I think I could be more outgoing, I don't let go of things very easily, and I set very high standards for myself and everyone else (which is sometimes good and sometimes not).

What's the most important lesson you've learned in life?: There's always more than one point of view.

What are you wearing RIGHT NOW?: Nothing too exciting. A sort of olive green collared shirt and khakis.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?: I would be a deinonychus. I used to love dinosaurs and that was my favorite. Too bad they're dead. :( (Actually no, because then they'd eat us)

Describe your perfect mate: Oh man. Ummmmm, I don't really look for specific things. I just fall in love with what's there and then see what I do and don't like on an individual basis, so I don't think I could just give a description. I guess my perfect mate would be...perfect!

Any tattoos? Piercings? Any planned?: Nope, nope, and nope.

Tell the world an embarassing drinking story: I actually don't drink, so I don't have any. Yeah, sorry, I'm lame. I could maybe tell some about some other people but that wouldn't be very nice.

If you won one hundred million dollars, what would be the FIRST thing you would buy without batting an eye?: Pay off my car and my brother's and sister's college tuition bills.

If you had three wishes what would they be? (no wishing for more wishes!):Happiness for everyone! True love! Financial stability for life!

Favorite Baseball Team?: I'm from Massachusetts. From birth, I was raised to be a diehard fan of THE WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON RED SOX!!! I actually have the game on the TV right behind me. (And Yankees SUCK.)

Favorite quote?: I love quotes, but I always forget them. How about, "Love is putting someone else's happiness ahead of your own. The hard part is when it doesn't involve you."

Final thoughts?: Thanks for voting for me! Take care of yourselves!

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