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7/9/2004 FOX News Players Break a Sweat With Video Games
7/9/2004 News 24 Houston Tech Beat: Exergaming
7/9/2004 North Shore Sunday Gotta dance (dance): Dance arcade craze takes hold on North Shore
5/24/2004 CNN Video game fans dance off extra pounds
5/14/2004 Yahoo Finance Japan-U.S. divide splits video game industry
2/3/2004 BBC News Playing games on the dance floor
2/1/2004 Electronic Gaming Monthly Ultimate Video Game Countdown
1/5/2004 Concord Monitor Video game has teens in a whirl
11/26/2003 Teen Dances To Record After Partner's Stumble
7/22/2003 Seventeen Astrocize
7/11/2003 Anchorage Daily News Beat feet
1/30/2003 Pioneer Press Glowing through the motions
1/20/2003 The Cincinnati Enquirer Work out with video games
9/2/2002 Kennebec Journal, Morning Sentinel Mainers join new video game craze
6/21/2002 San Diego Union-Tribune Teens get mad over video; it's removed
6/19/2002 The Sun News Game Puts Twist on Dance
6/14/2002 CBS News - Early Show Video Game That's Good For You
5/24/2002 Orlando Sentinel Happy feet
3/15/2002 Georgia Tech Technique 'Dance, Dance Revolution' game gathers popularity and spectators
2/5/2002 (Europe) Viva la Dance Dance Revolution
1/18/2002 Gainesville Sun Game Room Playing Host to Dancing Craze
1/11/2002 AsianWeek Making Moves
1/7/2002 BYU Idaho Scroll Dance revolutionizes the way games are played
1/2/2002 The Daily Review Gamers Bust Out Dance Dance Moves
12/13/2001 Hoosier Times Dance Fever
12/9/2001 New York Times Magazine The Video-Game Workout
11/21/2001 Youth Outlook Time for a Dance Dance Revolution
9/25/2001 The Detroit News Game thrives on dance fever
8/31/2001 USA Today Game fanatics say they want a 'Revolution'
6/22/2001 TechTV - Extended Play Dance Dance Revolution Strategy
5/26/2001 San Francisco Chronicle The Games of Summer
5/19/2001 The Arizona Republic Dancing at the arcade
5/17/2001 A Video Fitness Revolution
4/17/2001 Reuters - Oddly Enough Dancing video game causes some Hawaii students to lose weight, money
4/2001 Tips & Tricks Magazine
3/17/2001 TechTV - Extended Play Dance Dance - The Madness Begins
3/6/2001 Business 2.0 Magazine Viva La Revolution
3/1/2001 CNN International Q&A With Riz Khan
3/2001 PlayStation Magazine It Can Be Done!
1/15/2001 KPIX Channel 5 Evening Magazine
1/1/2001 Nichi Bei Times Front Page
12/5/2000 tTimes (Taiwan) Global News
12/4/2000 ABC News Dancing Arcade Game Draws Huge Crowds
10/2/2000 aOnline Dancing the Night Away
9/22/2000 San Francisco Examiner The Young and the Agile
9/19/2000 The Philadelphia Inquirer Daily Magazine
8/28/2000 Dance Dance Revolution Tournament Report
8/20/2000 Die Welt (German) Tanz mir den Travolta
8/18/2000 The SuperList
8/16/2000 Wall Street Journal In the Latest Arcade Craze, Players Demonstrate Their Fancy Footwork
7/22/2000 San Jose Mercury News (also Contra Costa Times same day) Hip-hop music sweeps arcades with `Dance Dance Revolution'
4/21/2000 Santa Cruz Sentinel Game starting a dance revolution
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