You can find fellow DDR Freaks hanging around two channels on IRC on the Otherside network at,, or any of these other servers listed. If you don't have an IRC program (I recommend mIRC for Windows or Ircle for Macs).

Just as we have multiple forums, we have multiple channels for different purposes.

If you want to socialize, go to #ddrfreak.  Asking DDR questions on #ddrfreak without even saying `Hello' is a no-no, will earn you a bad reputation and/or result in yourself being taunted, insulted, and even kicked out of the channel.  Simply following the general rules of netiquette and being nice will make you friends in #ddrfreak.

In any case, make sure you check out the DDR Freak IRC Policy before you join as well.  Please note that #ddrfreak does NOT have fserves, or in other words, we don't carry illegal MP3s, game images, or other copyright-infringing material.  Yes, some IRC networks and channels are (in)famous for that kind of stuffs, but not us.

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