Moderator of the Month

Each month, the DDR Freak population decides on a moderator of the month by a poll. The moderator selected is an example of the best our forums offer and go above and beyond the call of duty.

January's Mod of the Month:

Name: Don D'Amato

Age: 22

Nationality: Caucasian

Location: Lindenhurst, NY

Relationship status: Frustrated, otherwise known as single

Kids: Nope.

Been playing DDR since: March 2002

Freestyler, Perfect Attacker or just for fun: I switch between the 3, but I suppose I am more well known for freestyle.

What drew you to DDR in the first place?: My friend insisted that I try it out when she was learning.

What is your favorite DDR song?: Feeling of Love. Step-wise and music-wise.

What is your favorite bemani song?: Implantation.

What Bemani/Other Music Games do you play outside of DDR?: I play a bit of IIDX, but that's about it.

Favorite bemani/other music game: I'll say IIDX, I guess.

What is your favorite aspect about DDR?: Probably how diverse the community is. For living in NY, there's many different types of people in a very small area. Mass transit makes it easy for people to meet up quickly without hassle. I've so many different types of people playing in the arcades all over the tri-state area.

How long have you been coming to DDR Freak: February 2002

How long have you been a moderator?: I want to say May 2003, but it might have been earlier, I can't actually recall.

What helps you keep your sanity while moderating the site?: Nothing really, I just insanely lock things and then I get PMs telling me that I'm a nutjob and my freestyling sucks. =D

What do you enjoy doing outside of DDR?: I play Guilty Gear X2#R for Xbox on Live, a lot. Maybe too much. Hanging with friends and the usual joyful things for anybody are up there too.

Favourite movie, food, and book: Anything Jackie Chan is in, Beef and Egg sauce, and I don't read books.

Have you met anyone from DDR Freak in real life? Who would you LIKE to meet?: I've met most of the people in NY, a good deal of people in the tri-state area, and a few from out of state. I'd like to meet the rest of the moderators at some point. I'd be good to see the people I work with.

Your life is being made into a movie. Name the actors that portray you and people in your life: David Ducovny (sp?), I am told looks like me so I'll use that. Otherwise, not sure. I don't know many actors.

What do you do for a living? Do you enjoy it?: I work as a Supervisor at UPS in Manhattan. The commute is a hassle for now living on Long Island, but I'll move soon.

Do you travel often? If so where is your favourite place to visit?: I do travel, but hardly ever farther than anywhere in lower NY. I arcade hop generally, or visit friends. Not really exciting.

Any New Year.s Resolutions?: Never

Three things you like about yourself?: There's nothing I really like or dislike about myself. I've learned to accept everything that I do as it comes to me, drop it if I don't like it and enhance it if I do.

Three things you hate about yourself?: N/A

What's the most important lesson you've learned in life?: So far, that life isn't as hard as everyone says unless you make it out to be. You'll complain about it, but there's far worse out there and most have it much better than they think.

What are you wearing RIGHT NOW?: Grey long sleeve shirt, teal and baby blue ADIDAS pants that I usually sleep in because I just woke up.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?: Crane, because that was my favorite style while I was learning kung-fu.

Describe your perfect mate: Well, I usually look at hair first and then the overall package. I need good looks to be attracted to someone, call me whatever you wish, but that's what attracts me physically. Then anyone who an overate good personality and sense of humor. And someone who knows how to use the telephone or isn't rude about messaging someone back. It's all too frequent these days.

Any tattoos? Piercings? Any planned?: Nope, nothing planned either.

Final thoughts?: I'll leave with my favorite quote in which I never found out who said it but, it's a good way to think and I believe everyone would be more creative if they thought about it.

"The only difference between genius and insanity is success."

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