List of Potential Warnable Offenses

The following is a list of offenses that are not permitted on DDR Freak. Any instance of these seen in the forums will be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the moderators. Each instance will be punished on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the nature and degree of the offense, punishment may include distribution of warning points or immediate banning. Additionally, any individual accruing a total of nine warning points will be immediately and permanently banned. This list is by no means extensive, and moderators reserve the right to give out warning points in any other situations that they deem appropriate.

Violation Description
Having multiple accounts/Being previously banned Each person should have one and only one DDR Freak account. Banned people returning under different usernames will automatically be banned again.
Post Whoring Making insignificant or worthless posts. Posting for the sake of posting, without adding anything substantial to the conversation is considered post-whoring. Bumping topics without adding anything to the discussion is also not allowed.
Overuse of Smilies/Colors Smilies, emoticons, and colors are available for the purpose of expressing emotions. However, there should never be a need to fill a post with more than are absolutely needed to adequately do so.
Large inline images This is completely allowed in the imaging forum. But in any other forum, repetitive use of large images (it shouldn't exceed a width of 500 or a height of 300) is not permitted.
RTFM Posting any question that can already be answered by reading the FAQ, songlists and codes, dictionary, or by reading the rest of the thread (e.g. "This thread is too long and I don't want to read. Someone summarize for me!").
Posting in wrong board Please make sure you read the sub-headers for each forum.
Advertising People who create posts purely for the purpose of advertising their own website or business. Bemani tournament information is allowed if it is located on another site.
AzN tyPiNg/ALL CAPS Misuse of these is annoying and is not permitted.
Big Signature Signature files must be limited to 500 pixels wide by 150 pixels high in their entirety. They also must not exceed 35 KB. You can test your sig by PM-ing yourself. Do not waste our bandwidth by creating a topic for it. Posting entire lists of Catastrophic songs or Oni courses that you have passed is also not allowed.
Overquoting If someone has quoted something that is twice as long as their reply, this is generally considered overquoting. Quoting a quote of a quote of a quote is also unnecessary.
False Machine Locations submissions If, when administering the machine locations, we find that an individual has intentionally submitted a modification consisting of anything wrong - whether it be erroneous information, shoutouts, extraneous information in the wrong fields, or azn typing, whatever.
Subject/topic disagreement There's nothing as annoying as seeing someone say "...", and then opening up to find out the message says "I like peanuts". Stay on topic.
Harassment through PM/email Just because an argument cannot be seen on the public forums does not exclude it from disciplinary action.
Blatant advertising Get rich quick schemes or "click me" Internet games.
Reposting locked topic This is only for topics that were locked for the original post, not the replies.
Flamebait Intentionally encouraging flames. Click here for examples.
Piracy Emulators and simulators are okay. Downloading mp3's of music someone made (not ripped, but made themselves is okay. Linking to, or asking the whereabouts of game ROM's, or copyrighted mp3's is not okay.
Falsifying information Pretending to be someone else, spoofing IP's, etc.
Spam Excessive spamming will not be tolerated.
Pr0n This includes images, extremely crude pr0n speak, links to pr0n movies, etc.
Flames Maliciously attacking other users. Intention and content is what we judge here - not use of various words. Click here for examples.
Marketplace abuse Bumping, selling improper (non-Bemani) items, and selling bootleg/illegal items are all prohibited.
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