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How to tell one third mix from another

by Ross (Islander)

With all the 3rd Mix machines popping up all over the place lately I felt like this was necessary to end confusion among the four different versions. I was just getting kinda tired of checking a new location with a 3rd Mix only to find out it's either an asian 3rd (boo), 3rd Korean V.1 (so-so), or a 3rd Korean V.2 (very tolerable ^_^). So here we go.. If your default song is Xanadu then congrats! For this is a true Japanese 3rd Mix. You just might have memory card slots too!

If the default song is Shock then you have a 3rd Korean V.2. I don't think this is that bad of a mix since it has 16 korean songs on it, most of which I really like. The drawback is that it's missing a few songs from both 3rd and 2nd Mix.

If your default song is Bakkwo then you have a 3rd Korean V.1. If you have ever played on a 3rd Mix Plus, 4th, or 4th Plus you will notice that these are the same seven songs on the other mixes.

Lastly if you default song is Upside Down then your machine is truly ghetto for it's an asian 3rd Mix. Not only are there songs missing from the real Japanese version but there are 0 Korean songs as well.

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