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FAQs - PlayStation 2 (JP) - DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix

DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix was the first DDR release on the PS2, and the first console release to feature freeze steps. DDRMAX follows the arcade release with a great deal of precision - The Groove Radar replaced the traditional foot ratings (which returned in later games), and the game also has the modifier options menu which would later find its way into all following games.

Special Import Instructions

This is a Japanese game, and if you are new to Japanese imports, you may have trouble getting started with the game. When you first boot the game, you are presented with a message in Japanese asking you if you want to create a System File for the game. Select the left option and then hit the Circle button. The next message asks if you want to enable Auto-Save. The left option ("はい") is 'Yes', the right option ("いいえ") is 'No'. Select your preference, and again hit Circle. In Japan, Circle is most frequently used to confirm selections, whereas most US publishers use Circle for canceling instead.

Game Modes

  • Game Mode
  • Lesson Mode
  • Training Mode
  • Edit Mode
  • Diet Mode (Workout)

Unlockable Songs

Not much to unlock here. Since the arcade version pretty much started from scratch, there wasn't a whole lot of extra stuff to add for the console release, though DDRMAX does contain two fully-functional preview songs for DDRMAX2.

  1. So In Love - Caramel S. (Pass 20 songs)
  2. Kind Lady - Okuyatos (Pass 40 songs)
  3. MAX 300 - Ω (Pass 100 songs, or clear in Extra Stage)
  4. CANDY★ - Luv unlimited (Pass 200 songs, or clear in One More Extra Stage)
  5. true... ~trance sunrise mix~ - Riyu Kosaka (Pass it as your final song - song will appear when you play only Riyu Kosaka / Be For U songs in the preliminary rounds)
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