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FAQs - DDR 2nd Mix: Dreamcast Edition

Play Modes and other codes

From the menu screen...

When you first play DDR 2nd Mix - Dreamcast Edition, the following choices are initially selectable:

  • Arcade: This is the normal game mode, much like what you would see when playing DDR 2nd Mix in the arcade.
  • Training: This allows you to practice songs without fear of having your game come to an abrupt ending due to failure of a song. Many options are available here, including song, difficulty, step modes, and types of assists (i.e., a metronome-like click in the background to help you maintain rhythm).
  • Edit: This mode allows you to create your own steps for a song.
  • Options: This menu allows you to change parameters that affect the game in Arcade Mode, such as the number of songs per game, the difficulty of the game, and how your controller will respond when you get a Miss.
  • Records: You can view the highest scores you have earned in Arcade Mode and Bonus Track Mode, as well as Endless Mode and SSR Bonus Track Mode, when those are unlocked.
  • Information: When you choose this command, you can read messages that are revealed after you complete certain tasks. Some of the messages are merely congratulatory (e.g., "Congratulations. You passed 20 stages in Endless Mode."), while others inform you of new modes you may have unlocked.
  • Bonus Track: The Bonus Track mode contains 7 songs from DDR 3rd Mix to play in either Basic or Another: Keep on Movin', Let Them Move, 20, November - DDR Version, Captain Jack - Grandale Mix, Dynamite Rave, In the Navy '99 - XXL Disaster Mix, and The Race.
  • In order to play Versus or Double for Arcade Mode, hold down as you select "Arcade Mode". A menu will pop up displaying the following choices: Single, Couple, Versus, Double. Another player may join in at this time by pressing .
    This code may also be entered on the difficulty selection screen or on the song select screen if another player wishes to join in the current game.
  • To play SSR Bonus Track or Extra Track Modes, flick the analog stick in any direction. See the Addition Menu Items section for more details.

From the difficulty selection screen...

You may choose to play on Easy, Normal, or Hard Modes. Easy Mode allows you to play the songs available in Normal Mode, but will allow you to finish a song, even if your dance gauge reaches 0.
You may also choose to play on Basic, Another, or Maniac. Note: Maniac is not available when playing Double. To increase difficulty of steps, press . To decrease difficulty, press .

  • To play "All Music Mode", move the cursor to "Hard" and then press until "All Music" is displayed.
    In this mode, you can play all of the songs that you have revealed up to this point.
  • To change the character displayed on the screen during a game, or to change the arrows used during the game, flick the analog stick on your controller. A new screen will appear, displaying all the possible choices for the character and the arrows.
    Press / to change your character and press / to change the arrows. Press to confirm your choices and to go back to the difficulty selection screen.

From the song selection screen...

From this screen, you may select which song you wish to play next. Depending on how many songs you may play in one game, and depending on how you did on the previous song(s), different versions of songs may be selectable.
If you are playing in "All Music Mode", this doesn't really count, of course.

If you flick the analog stick, a menu will appear on your side of the scren, underneath the silhouette of the dancer. Initially, this menu only contains the option to change the song difficulty between Basic, Another, and Maniac. You may enter one or more of the following codes to enable various step modes, which will then be selectable from this menu:


Secrets to Unlock
There are many secrets to unlock in this version of DDR, all unlocked by playing Arcade Mode...a lot. Unfortunately, I don't know how each mode is unlocked specifically. That will be in a future revision of this FAQ, hopefully.

Additional Menu Items

  • SSR Bonus Track: To access SSR Bonus Track Mode, you must flick the analog stick on your Dreamcast controller at the menu screen.
    When SSR Bonus Track Mode is unlocked, you will be able to play the Bonus Track Mode songs on SSR difficulty. If you have not played these songs before, then be warned that the steps for these songs on SSR difficulty is much harder than either Basic or Another.
  • Extra Track: To access Extra Track Mode, you must flick the analog stick on your Dreamcast controller at the menu screen. The last item will cycle through the choices: Bonus Track - SSR Bonus Track - Extra Track.
    The Extra Track is the Dreamcast version of the game's ending. You can usually play this only if you have the "Ending" option in the Options menu set to "Dreamcast" instead of "Arcade", and only if you complete a game in Arcade Mode. Picking this command from the menu screen allows you to play the ending whenever you choose.
  • Event Mode: Event Mode allows you to play songs, but without the possibility of failing in the middle of a song, even if the "Game Over" option in the Options menu is set to "Arcade".
  • Endless Mode: Endless Mode is a special mode in which you keep playing songs on a set difficulty until your dance gauge reaches 0. Your combo can continue between songs, unlike in Arcade Mode, so it is possible to get combos of more than 1000 easily.

Additional Options in Options Menu

  • Ending: Initially, this can be set to either "Arcade" or "Off". Eventually, you can unlock another option, "Dreamcast", which allows you to play steps for a new song while the credits scroll upwards on the screen.
  • DC Edit Data: Enabling this option will allow you to play edit data that Konami included with this version of DDR 2nd Mix. Also, while this option is enabled, you can reveal more edit data with each game you play in Arcade Mode.
  • Model: Changing this option affects the costume of the characters that appear during the game.

Secret Characters

It is possible to unlock 16 more characters to choose from, which makes a total of 24 characters, 12 male and 12 female.

Secret Songs

The following songs are unlocked as you play more and more games in Arcade Mode.

  • Trip Machine - Luv Mix
  • think ya better D
  • Love This Feelin'
  • Keep On Movin'
  • Let Them Move
  • 20, November - DDR Version
  • PARANOiA Max in Random Select; if you get this song in Random Select, the steps will be the steps from the original PARANOiA, but played at the speed of PARANOiA Max.
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