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FAQs - PlayStation 2 - In The Groove

When two years without DDR was just too long, Roxor Games stepped in with a fan-built series based on DDR called In The Groove. After the success of the arcade game, Roxor continued to produce a home version based on the arcade game, and published it in partnership with RedOctane.

Game Modes

  • Dance Mode
  • Battle Mode (Versus)
  • Marathon Mode (Nonstop)
  • Fitness Mode (Workout)
  • Tutorial (Lesson)
  • Practice Mode (Training)
  • Records
  • Options

Unlockable Songs

The unlock system for ITG is fairly straight forward. A new item is awarded after every ten songs played. Ten of the unlocks are the unlockable songs from the ITG arcade release (eleven if you count Liquid Moon, which was only playable in one Marathon course and not otherwise selectable).
  1. Disconnected ~Hyper Mix~ - Inspector K
  3. Tell - Symphonius w/Rossini
  4. MODIFIER - Bumpy
  5. Anubis - Banzai
  6. MARATHON COURSE - Outer World
  7. Bubble Dancer - Crispy
  8. MODIFIER - Beat
  9. Disconnected ~Mobius Mix~ - Inspector K
  10. Liquid Moon - Inspector K
  11. Don't Promise Me ~Happiness Comes Mix~ - Reflection Theory
  12. Funk Factory - Money Deluxe
  13. DJ Party - BB Hayes
  14. Tribal Style - KaW
  15. Infection - Inspector K
  16. MARATHON COURSE - The Legend
  17. Pandemonium - ZiGZaG
  18. Incognito - Inspector K
  19. Xuxa - Smiley
  20. Wake Up - Kid Whatever

There have been numerous reports of variance with regards to when Disconnected ~Hyper Mix~ is unlocked, so there may be other triggers for this song that are not yet known.

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