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DDR Ultramix 2 picks up where the first Ultramix left off, adding all new gameplay modes, a slew of popular new licensed tracks from A Different Drum and other labels, and expanded Xbox Live functionality.

Game Modes

  • Game Mode
  • Battle Mode (Score Battle, Point Battle)
  • Party Mode (Attack Mode, Bomb Mode, Sync Mode, Quad Mode)
  • Challenge Mode
  • Workout Mode
  • Xbox Live (Quick Match, OptiMatch, Create Match, Tournament, Player Rankings, Download New Content)
  • Training Mode
  • Edit Mode

Unlockable Songs

Ultramix 2 features a large number of methods for unlocking various songs, so if you happen to unlock a song via a method not shown on this page, drop us a line and let us know!

  • .59 - remix - Jesper Kyd (Pass Red Room and Istanbul Cafe on Single Heavy)
  • G2 - Aya (Play 200 songs, or clear the Extra challenge with G2 in it)
  • GYRUSS (FULL TILT) - JT.1UP (Play 50 songs)
  • I Feel... (T.O.Y. Remix) - T.O.Y. (Play the Credits game and earn 12000 or more points)
  • In My Eyes (Midihead Remix) - Midihead (Play 100 songs, or repeatedly fail a bunch of songs (10?))
  • Make A Jam! (Dub/House Mix) - Big Idea (Clear MAKE a JAM! on all three difficulty levels on Single)
  • MAX 300 (Super-Max-Me-Mix) - Jondi and Spesh (Earn an AAA on any difficulty, or pass MAXX UNLIMITED on Heavy, or play all the default songs on every difficulty)
  • Midnight Special - Love Machineguns (Play 20 songs)
  • Toe Jam - Big Idea (Clear La Cucaracha, Monkey Punk, and Baile Le Samba on Single Heavy)
  • ZERO-ONE - Mr. T (Clear any song with an AA or better)

Additionally, the Credits Game is unlocked after clearing 20 songs.

Battle Mode

Battle Mode in Ultramix 2 is nearly identical to Battle Mode from Ultramix. Score Battle is your traditional versus competition, where the winner is decided by who has the highest score at the end of the song. In Point Battle, each player is given 16 points at the beginning of the song, and each non-Perfect step subtracts one point from that number. Score Battle is playable by up to 4 opponents at one time (including CPU players), whereas Point Battle is playable by only two players. New to Ultramix 2 is the ability to play either mode in Single or Double mode. In Double Mode, only two players can compete.

Party Mode

Party Mode is a collection of competition games similar to those found in Battle Mode, but for the most part, they focus less on the core DDR gameplay and instead introduce interesting variants.

In Attack Mode, each of the arrows has an individual combo counter, and collecting 5 points in one particular column will activate a corresponding ability.

Attack will reduce your opponent's visible arrow field. Recover will increase your own arrow field up to the normal gameplay size. Virus will reduce your opponent's Attack or Recover combo to zero, and Firewall will block a single Virus attack. The first player to have his/her visible arrow field reduced to 0 is the loser.

Bomb Mode plays like Hot Potato - In Bomb Mode, 2-4 players (including CPU players) will follow the stepcharts, and the player with the bomb must get a 5-step combo to send the bomb to another player before the bomb's timer ticks down to 0:00. If the bomb explodes before the song ends, the unlucky player is removed and the remaining players (if any) must keep playing. When the song ends, the last player holding the bomb is also declared a loser.

Sync Mode gives all players (again, 2-4 including computer players) a single point counter and everyone shares the same set of arrows. Whenever one of the players hits a non-combo step, the counter ticks down. The goal is for all players to clear the song without letting the counter reach zero. This mode is all about team effort.

Finally, there is the new-to-DDR Quad Mode. Quad Mode requires four dance pads (or controllers) to play, and pits dancers against a 16-arrow nightmarish adaptation of Doubles. Edits are not available for Quad Mode.

Challenge Mode

Ultramix 2's Challenge Mode consists of 30 challenges, divided into five groups of six: Practice, Light, Standard, Heavy, and Extra. In the tables below, there are four columns:
  • Song: the name of the song that will be played for this challenge.
  • Difficulty: the difficulty level of the song in the challenge.
  • Portion: if this is a range of numbers, the range describes which measures of the song will be played for the challenge; if it says "All", then the whole song will be played.
  • Description: a summary of the conditions that must be fulfilled to pass the challenge.
Song Difficulty Portion Description
19, November  Light 50-68 Clear the song without any Boos.
I'm In Heaven (Radio Edit)  Light 16-40 Clear the song with a full combo.
Standing Still In Time  Standard 1-49 Clear the song with a full dance gauge while starting with a low dance gauge.
Wherever You Are  Light 1-59 Clear the song with Poison Arrows.
After All (Svensen & Geilen Remix)  Standard 30-61 Clear the song with more than 80% Perfects. The music will be played at 50% speed.
LUV TO ME (Ucchie's Edition)  Standard 1-64 Clear the song on Sudden with a full combo.

Song Difficulty Portion Description
FLASHDANCE (WHAT A FEELING)  Standard 1-64 Clear the song with Poison Arrows while starting with a low dance gauge.
Hit 'N' Slap  Standard 1-34 Clear the song while starting with a low dance gauge. The dance gauge will not refill.
R10K  Standard 40-62 Clear the song on Hidden, Reverse with a full dance gauge.
RIDE ON THE LIGHT (HI GREAT MIX)  Standard 34-66 Clear the song with a full combo consisting of more than 80% Perfects.
GYRUSS (FULL TILT)  Standard 1-64 Clear the song without getting a combo higher than 10.
Sleepwalker  Heavy 1-57 Clear the song with more than 80% Perfects and no more than one Boo. The audio will not be synced with the steps.

Song Difficulty Portion Description
LOVE IS DREAMINESS  Heavy 1-89 Clear the song while getting all steps on Good or better, and do not step on any jumps.
fly through the night  Heavy 17-48 Clear the song ending with the dance gauge at 15% or less, starting with a low dance gauge, and never exceeding 50%.
321STARS  Heavy 1-65 Clear the song without getting a combo higher than 10.
MAXX UNLIMITED  Standard 20-36 Clear the song stepping only on jumps.
Skulk  Heavy 20-36 Clear the song without stepping on any 1/4-beat notes.
In My Eyes (Midihead Remix)  Heavy 1-70 Clear the song with more than 90% Perfects.

Song Difficulty Portion Description
route 80s  Heavy 1-54 Clear the song on x1.5 without stepping on any Poison Arrows.
MY SUMMER LOVE  Heavy 1-38 Clear the song on x5 without stepping on two identical steps. For example, if a is followed by another , step on one or the other, but not both. Jumps and single steps are considered different, even if one of the arrows from the jump matches the step.
MAKE a JAM!  Light 3-7 Clear the song on Stealth, Dark with only Perfects.
VJ Army  Heavy 1-69 Clear the song on Boost, Reverse, Phantom with a full combo consisting of more than 85% Perfects.
THE BIG VOYAGER - INFINITE PRAYER REINTERPRETATION  Heavy 35-46 Clear the song without stepping on any 1/8-beat notes.
Macho Gang  Heavy 1-49 Clear the song on Hidden with all steps Good or better and do not step on any jumps.

Song Difficulty Portion Description
G2  Heavy 1-82 Clear the song with a full combo consisting of more than 90% Perfects.
Toe Jam  Heavy 1-67 Clear the song with at least 100 Perfects, 100 Greats, and 100 Goods earned.
LEADING CYBER  Heavy 35-42 Clear the song on Dark, Phantom with a full combo consisting of more than 90% Perfects.
MAXX UNLIMITED  Heavy 42-50 Clear the song starting with a low dance gauge and without stepping on two identical steps. For example, if a is followed by another , step on one or the other, but not both. Jumps and single steps are considered different, even if one of the arrows from the jump matches the step.
DEAD END  Heavy 63-67 Clear the song with 0 points.
ZERO-ONE  Heavy 1-65 Clear the song without stepping on any 1/16-beat notes. The dance gauge will not refill.

Xbox Live

Ultramix was the first DDR game ever to feature Internet play, and Ultramix 2 takes it even further. Ultramix 2 features all of the original modes of Ultramix, while adding Versus Doubles capability, bracketed Tournaments, sharable edits, and more downloadable content than the first game.

If you own the first Ultramix and have purchased any of the original Song Packs, never fear - Ultramix 2 will use those song packs free of charge, and add Quad Mode steps to them. If you don't own Ultramix, you can still purchase Song Packs 1-6 in Ultramix 2, but doing so will make them unavailable in the original Ultramix, so choose carefully.

Non-US owners: It should be noted that this is the only way you can access the songpacks from Ultramix 1, as Ultramix 1's Downloadable Content is only available to US Live owners. It was made available via Ultramix 2 specifically for non-US players and for those who did not originally purchase Ultramix 1.

Song Packs 7 and later are not available in the first Ultramix game.

Song Packs are $5.00 US each plus tax, and the contents of those songpacks can be seen on the DDR Ultramix 2 Songlist page.

Dancing Characters

The first Ultramix game featured only Afro and Lady, but in exchange for a small number of dancing characters, Ultramix players were treated to brand new dancing routines designed exclusively for Ultramix and created using motion capture techniques. Ultramix 2 features new mo-cap dancing, and also adds four more dancing characters for a total of six. Additionally, each character has a different costume color depending on which controller port is used for that character, for a total of 24 different costumes.

  • LADY
  • AFRO
  • RAGE
  • EMI

KONSENTO:03 and MAID-ZUKIN are available exclusively via Xbox Live, in the Download New Content section.

Credits Game

The Credits game, which is unlocked after 20 songs are cleared, can be found in the Options Menu. This game is played a bit differently from normal DDR, in that it has no timing element associated with it at all. The object is to enter the step patterns as quickly as possible, from top to bottom, with as few errors as possible. Your score goes up for each combo that you successfully enter. If you make a mistake, you are penalized a few seconds, and the current arrow set is replaced with a new set. If you can successfully clear the Credits game with 12,000 points or more, I Feel... (T.O.Y. Remix) will be unlocked.

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