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FAQs - DDR EXTREME (8th mix)

Unlock Codes

Machine owners/operators have the ability to unlock new songs for the game through the operator menu. Here are the instructions you need to follow to unlock an arcade machine. Please note that if you do not have access to the panel behind the coin door (ie - if you don't own the machine nor are you responsible for it), you cannot enter the unlock codes. Thanks go to Brian Ho of for providing the images of his own machine.


To enter the operator menu, you must hit the Test button. The pictures above show the two styles the operator panel can come in - the lefthand one in original Japanese machines, and the righthand one in Korean/Asian/US machines. In the picture on the left, the Test button is the top one in the column of three buttons (the other two, in order, are Service and Degauss). In the picture on the right, the Test button is the red one in the upper-righthand corner, and the white button next to it is the Service button.

Once you hit the Test button, you'll see a menu as follows:

Use the and buttons to select GAME OPTIONS (*not* MEMORY CARD OPTIONS as is highlighted in the picture), and then, while holding the 1P and the Service Button, hit the 1P button to enter the SECRET menu.

From here, hit the 1P button to select APPEND.

You can now type in the unlock codes. Use and to select the spaces, and to change the letters in each space. When you've entered in the password, hold and and then push to confirm the password.

The unlock codes for this game are as follows:

  • Unlocks 1-6:      JLEDKZT - KOZGDJJ
  • Unlocks 1-9:      UBNRXAO - UJGPQQI
  • Unlocks 1-15:     PVAGUPM - UALPOEZ
  • Unlocks 1-18:     RVNYIXO - YKAWEM_ (the last character is a space)
  • Unlocks 1-24:     SQFRXYY - JSBERAH
  • Unlocks 1-27:     JHEDXF_ - ALZSMSH (the seventh character is a space)
  • Unlocks 1-30 (All): BWUVHBK - KVXFXYA

This is the only way you can unlock songs in DDR Extreme. No amount of playing the game will unlock anything new. Credit given to seishinbyou and yasu from for finding and sharing the code.

Brand new options and play modes

Oni mode has returned from DDR MAX2, as has Nonstop mode from DDR 3rd and 4th Mix. These are chosen by going past Heavy on the difficulty screen. Again, if one person chooses one of these modes, both players are forced to play it. Oni and Nonstop have not changed much from their previous incarnations. There are only a few differences: Both of these modes introduce a new step score called Marvelous, which is better than Perfect. Oni scores are now shown in terms of points rather than percentages. Nonstops can be switched between two different difficulties, but again, both players must play the same difficulty.

Two new song difficulties are selectable in DDR EXTREME. First is Beginner Mode, which is easier than Light. If this difficulty is chosen, one of the DDR characters is displayed on the screen, showing the player exactly when they should hit the pad. By playing in Beginner mode, the novice player is also assured that the game will not end prematurely due to a poor performance - in other words, it is not possible to fail on Beginner. Beginner Mode is only available on Single/Versus.

In addition to the three normal difficulty levels (Light, Standard, Heavy), some songs have a Challenge difficulty level, which usually has more difficult steps than Heavy. This cannot be chosen on the initial song difficulty screen--only on the selection or options screens. Again, not all songs have Challenge steps.

There is now a Random select in addition to Roulette. While Roulette allows the player to stop the spinning of the song selection by pressing the button, Random automatically chooses a song, which begins immediately.

Extra Stage

DDRMAX introduced a new feature to the DDR series called "Extra Stage". Essentially, Extra Stage rewards very skilled players with an extra challenge round after their last song. Each DDR version featuring Extra Stage has different requirements and features - here's how it works in DDR Extreme:

  • To unlock Extra Stage, clear your last song on Heavy with a grade of AA or better.
  • Extra Stage in DDR Extreme is optional, to a degree. Any song may be picked, though you are restricted to Heavy (or Challenge if Heavy is not available), and the song will be played on x1.5, Reverse, No Regain. If you miss a step, your dance gauge will drop and you will not be able to recover the lost portion.
  • To unlock One More Extra Stage, you must select The legend of MAX as your Extra Stage and clear it with a grade of AA or better.
  • One More Extra Stage in DDR Extreme is Dance Dance Revolution Challenge [x3, Reverse, Sudden Death]. If you get a Good or break a freeze, the song immediately ends.

Clear at least Extra Stage and you will earn a special credits ending.

Sort Methods

Song selection works similar to DDR MAX and MAX2. All songs are available, and you can select among five different song orders -- default, game series of origin, alphabetical, BPM, and Player's Best (the 30 most often played songs). To change the order, hold either the or buttons and then push the button at the song selection screen. Note that some songs are not displayed in the default order.

All codes can also be chosen by holding the button immediately after choosing a song.

Freeze off:
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