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FAQs - DDR 3rd Mix

Play Modes
At title screen, hold both and at the same time and press . A menu will appear showing the choices: Single, Versus, Unison, Double. Note on Double, Unison, and Versus: If you only push on one side, you will only get one song, and only one credit will be used.

Also, at the title screen, but before you hit to start your game, you can enter 1 of 3 codes to play either 3rd Mix Mode (Basic or Another on all 3rd Mix songs), 2nd Mix Mode (Basic, Another, and Maniac on all 2nd Mix songs), or SSR Mode (SSR, or Maniac, on 3rd Mix songs).

3rd Mix:
2nd Mix:

Step Modes
Step modes can be chosen before selecting any song. Please note that on 3rd Mix mode and 2nd Mode that Vivid is the default, while on SSR Mode Flat is the default. To cancel Left, Right, Mirror, and Shuffle, input the appropriate code again.

To access edit data for a song, you can hold , and a menu will appear listing the available edit data for the song. If there is no edit data for a song, the menu will have only one choice, Official.
Note that you must supply the edit data yourself by inserting a PSX memory card containing edit data for the song you wish to play into the memory card slot on the front of the machine. If there is no memory card slot on front of the machine, then edit data can not be played.

Note: if you are playing on an Asian 3rd Mix machine (i.e., non-Japanese and non-Korean), there is a bug concerning the Shuffle code. If you enter the Shuffle code, and you wish to take Shuffle off for the next song, you can not re-enter the Shuffle code to cancel the Shuffle. You must enter Left, Right, or Mirror, and then cancel that code to take off Shuffle.

Sudden: after inputting Hidden Mode
Stealth: after choosing Sudden Mode

Grading and Score
Grades: SSS - SS - S - A - B - C - D - E
Every song has a maximum of score of 10,000,000 which can only be attained by getting all Perfects. If you don't care about how your score is calculated exactly, then just keep in mind the following things:

  • The length of your combo does not matter.
  • Perfects are worth twice as much as Greats.
  • The last step in every song is a little bit more important in terms of score. Try to get a Perfect on the last step.

The rest of this section describes how 3rd Mix calculates your score exactly.

Let N be the number of steps in the song you are playing. Let [x] be the greatest integer function (i.e., [x] = the greatest integer less than or equal to x). Then define b, the point value on which the point value for every step in the song is based, to be:

b = [1,000,000/(N(N+1)/2)]

Then, the point value for the ith step in a combo is:

S(i) = P(i), if the ith step is a Perfect; G(i) if the ith step is a Great;
P(i) = 10bi;
G(i) = 5bi;

The only step that deviates from this formula is the last step, or Nth step, of the song. If you get a Perfect on the Nth step, you get the appropriate points for that Perfect, plus a bonus B:

B(N) = 10,000,000 - (summation of P(i) as i goes from 1 to N)

Thanks to EnoOn for describing the general algorithm to me, and thanks to DDR Stompin' Ground for the description of how the bonus on the last step was calculated.

Special Songs
Please note that you will have only 1 of the 4 remixed Beatmania songs available when you play 3rd Mix or SSR Mode. The song you get to play depends on which character you picked at the beginning of the game:

Character Song
Boldo/Tracy gentle stress (AMD Sexual Mix)
Rage/Emi Luv to me (AMD Mix)
Konsento/Devil-Zukin Jam Jam Reggae (AMD Swing Mix)
Charmy/Astro Gradiusic Cyber (AMD G5 Mix)

If you are playing on an Asian 3rd Mix machine (non-Japanese and non-Korean), 3rd Mix Mode and SSR Mode will be missing the following songs: Xanadu, Get Up (Before the Night is Over), and If You Can Say Goodbye.

For info on songs in 2nd Mix Mode, please refer to the DDR 2nd Mix FAQ.

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