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FAQs - DDR 2nd Mix Link Version

Play Modes
At title screen, hold both and at the same time and press . A menu will appear showing the choices: Single, Couple, Versus, Double. Note on Double, Coupl e, and Versus: If you only push on one side, you will only get one song, and only one credit will be used.

At the difficulty selection screen you may choose to play Basic, Another, or Maniac. Maniac is not available if you are playing Double Mode. You can also choose to play on Easy, Normal, or Hard mode.

Basic: from Another
Another: from Basic
Maniac: from Another

Link Version Features
2nd Mix Link Version is identical to 2nd Mix, except that it features memory card slots. If you own Dance Dance Revolution for the Japanese PlayStation, you can bring a memory card to the arcade with you containing your 1st Mix System file and use linking features between the two games, including score records and custom nonstop courses.

This is not the same thing as linking machines, as can be done with 2nd Mix Club Version.

Step Modes
Step modes can be chosen before selecting any song. To cancel Left, Right, Mirror, and Shuffle, input the appropriate code again.


Grading and Score
Grades: SS - S - A - B - C - D - E
The formula for calculating the score for a combo is a bit complicated. The only person who cares about this formula is the crazy fool writing this FAQ. For all others, the point value for any step in a combo depends on two factors:

  • Perfects are worth 3 times as much as Greats.
  • The point value for a step increases every time the combo increases by 4.

For those curious about the exact formula for the score of a combo...

Let [x] denote the greatest integer function (i.e., where [x] is the greatest integer less than or equal to x). Then, the point value for the nth step in a combo is:

S(n) = G(n) if the nth step is a Great, or P(n) if the nth step is a Perfect;
G(n) = 100 ([n/4]^2 + 1);
P(n) = 3G(n);

Therefore, the total point value for a combo is the summation of S(n) from 1 to n, where n is the number of steps in the combo. This formula is derived from the table of point values in the Info section at DDR Stompin' Ground.

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