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FAQs - DDR Solo 4th Mix Plus

Step Codes and other notes
From the screen where you select whether you wish to play 4 Panels or 6 Panels, you may enter to enter Link Mode, which contains Internet Ranking and Nonstop Modes. From Link Mode, you may enter to go back to Normal Mode.

From Normal Mode, you may select which genre of songs you wish to play. In each genre, songs are listed in one of three colors:

  • A blue song comes from a version of DDR before 4th Mix, not including DDR Solo Bass/Solo 2000.
  • A green song is newly introduced in DDR 4th Mix.
  • A yellow song is a song newly introduced for DDR 4th Mix Plus.

After selecting a song, you may choose which level of difficulty (Basic/Trick/Maniac) you wish to play.

You can also enter the following step codes. To cancel Left, Right, Mirror, and Shuffle, enter the appropriate code again.

Sudden: after inputting Hidden Mode
Stealth: after choosing Sudden Mode
Flat: after choosing Little Mode
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