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FAQs - DDR Solo 2000

The DDR machines in the Solo series (i.e., Solo Bass, Solo 2000, Solo 4th) are unique in that there are 6 arrows instead of the usual 4 arrows; the extra arrows are in the upper left and upper right corners.

Play Modes
After hitting , you can choose to play 3 Panels, 4 Panels, or 6 Panels Mode. There are different high score lists for each.

If there are multiple Solo 2000 machines linked together, you may choose to play Versus Mode by pressing . Each player that wishes to play Versus Mode must hit on his respective machine and hit .

Step Modes and other codes
To change the difficulty of the selected song, you can press to change from Basic to Trick or from Trick Maniac. You can press to change from Maniac to Trick or from Trick to Basic. Note that you can not change the difficulty rating of a song when you are playing 3 Panels Mode.

In Solo 2000, you only need to know one other code if you wish to affect the arrows for your song. Pressing brings up a menu with four items: Speed, Arrow, Turn, and Other. Use and to choose between the choices for each item, and press to accept the choice for each item.

Solo 2000 also features a hidden Reverse mode, similar to what was later introduced in DDRMAX. Hit at any time during your song to switch between Normal and Reverse Scroll.

Each table below will list the different choices under each item, and whether each choice is selectable under 3 Panels, 4 Panels, and 6 Panels Modes.


Choice 3 Panels? 4 Panels? 6 Panels?
Fast yes yes yes
Slow yes yes yes
Special yes yes yes


Choice 3 Panels? 4 Panels? 6 Panels?
Hidden yes yes yes
Sudden yes yes yes
Stealth yes yes yes


Choice 3 Panels? 4 Panels? 6 Panels?
L-Shift yes no yes
R-Shift yes no yes
LR-Flip no no yes
UD-Flip no no yes
Left no yes no
Right no yes no
Mirror no yes no
Shuffle yes yes yes


Choice 3 Panels? 4 Panels? 6 Panels?
Little yes yes yes
Flat yes yes yes

Grading and Score
Grades: AAA - AA - A - B - C - D
Your score for a song is the total of several parts:

  • Perfects and Greats - Every Perfect step you make is worth 500 points. Every Great step is worth 300 points. Every Good step is worth 100 points, but they break your combo. Steps below Good are worth 0 points. Also, note that when you must press more than 1 arrow at one time, each arrow counts towards score and combo (i.e., if you must press and at the same time, and you get Perfect on both arrows, you get 600 points and your combo increases by 2).
  • Max Combo - You get 300 points for each step in the longest combo you got during the song. For example, for a song with 193 steps, if you got a combo of 97 in the song, but you got a Good and ended the song with another combo of 85, your Max Combo bonus would be 29100 points.
  • Max Perfect Combo - You get 100 points for each Perfect step in the longest consecutive string of Perfect steps. Using the example above, if the 97-step combo was all Greats except for the first step, while the 85-step combo was all Perfects, your Max Perfect combo would be 8500 points.

Song Information
The nonstop songs listed below consist of 3 different songs mixed together. They are different from the Nonstop courses in 3rd, 4th, and 4th Plus mixes because these nonstop songs contain no pause between the different songs. When playing one of the nonstop songs, it will cost 2 chips instead of the normal cost of 1 chip for a normal song.

Also, if you are playing on an Asian Solo 2000 machine (non-Japanese), you will be missing 5 songs:

  • Together and Forever by Captain Jack
  • Together and Forever by NINEBALL feat. ATOMIC GUN & JULIA
  • That's the Way '98
  • Get Off
  • Nonstop B which contains 3 of the songs listed above

If you choose to pick a random song from the Random Select on the music selection screen, and if you get Let the beat hit em!, you will end up playing the IIDX version of the song. The difficulty ratings and the steps are the same as the Solo 2000 version of the song, but it sounds different.

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