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FAQs - DDR Solo Bass Mix

The DDR machines in the Solo series (i.e., Solo Bass, Solo 2000, Solo 4th) are unique in that there are 6 arrows instead of the usual 4 arrows; the extra arrows are in the upper left and upper right corners.

Play Modes
You can play either Beginner or Expert Mode. In Beginner Mode, Little is turned on by default, while Expert does not have this enabled at the start. Of course, you may disable or enable Little in either Beginner or Expert by entering the appropriate code, listed in the "Step Modes and other codes" section below.

There are also the usual levels of difficulty for songs in DDR Solo Bass: Basic, Trick, and Maniac. However, Maniac must be enabled by the operator of the arcade in the Options menu. Enabling Maniac also enables a new level of difficulty called Maniac Ultimate. When playing in Maniac Ultimate Mode, your dance gauge will max at out 3, rather than maxing out at 6 as it does normally. Also, a Boo or a Miss will decrease your gauge by 1.

You may choose to play Multi Play if you wish to play against other people on other Solo Bass machines that are linked up with the one on which you are playing. Just press .

Extra Songs
You must play a game in Expert Mode. As your last song, you must play either Hysteria, Super Star, or PARANOiA Evolution. To get the Extra Stage, you must complete the last song with a full dance gauge and with a Max Combo of at least 150.

If you fulfill these conditions, you can hold down during the "Cleared" screen and you will be able to play your extra stage, which will be in Maniac Ultimate Mode. Good luck!

Step Modes and other codes
Step modes can be chosen before selecting any song. To cancel the codes listed below (except for Basic, Trick, Maniac, and Maniac Ultimate), enter .

Basic difficulty: from Trick
Trick difficulty: from Basic
Maniac difficulty (must be enabled from Options menu of machine): from Trick
Maniac Ultimate difficulty (must be enabled from Options menu of machine):
Stealth: Enter both Hidden and Sudden (see above)
R-Shift (shift arrows clockwise):
L-Shift (shift arrows counterclockwise):
H-Flip (switch and ):
V-Flip (switch / and /):

Grading and Score
Grades: AAA - AA - A - B - C - D
Your score for a song is the total of several parts:

  • Perfects and Greats - Every Perfect step you make is worth 500 points. Every Great step is worth 300 points. Every Good step is worth 100 points, but they break your combo. Steps below Good are worth 0 points. Also, note that when you must press more than 1 arrow at one time, each arrow counts towards score and combo (i.e., if you must press and at the same time, and you get Perfect on both arrows, you get 600 points and your combo increases by 2).
  • Max Combo - You get 300 points for each step in the longest combo you got during the song. For example, for a song with 193 steps, if you got a combo of 97 in the song, but you got a Good and ended the song with another combo of 85, your Max Combo bonus would be 29100 points.
  • Max Perfect Combo - You get 100 points for each Perfect step in the longest consecutive string of Perfect steps. Using the example above, if the 97-step combo was all Greats except for the first step, while the 85-step combo was all Perfects, your Max Perfect combo would be 8500 points.
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