Songlists and Codes / FAQ


Play Modes
At title screen, hold both and , and press . A menu will appear with the following choices: Versus and Double. Note on Double and Versus: If you only push on one side, you will only get one song, and only one credit will be used.

Difficulty Modes
After each song is selected, the following choices are available: Beginner, Standard, Difficult, and Expert. Beginner is not available on Double mode. Use and to change difficulty. Expert is initially off the screen to the right past Difficult.

Step Modes
Step modes can be chosen before selecting any song or difficulty. Shuffle is not available if you are playing on Beginner difficulty level. To cancel any mode, re-enter the appropriate code.

Sudden: after activating Hidden mode
Stealth: after activating Sudden mode

Grading and Score
Grades: AAA Perfect! - AAA - AA - A - B - C - D - E
For those who don't care about the exact formula for calculating the score of a combo, it will suffice to say that Perfects are worth just a little more than Greats, and that steps are worth more as your combo increases, but not nearly as much as it did in the first US mix.

For those who do care, let n be the number of the step in the combo. Then, the point value for the nth step is:

S(n) = G(n) if the step is a Great step, and P(n) is the step is a Perfect step;
G(n) = 555 + 333n;
P(n) = 777 + 333n;

Therefore, the total point value for a combo of n steps is the summation of S(n) from 1 to n. I must thank EnoOn for telling me how the scoring system for DDR USA worked. I don't think I would have had the patience to figure this out myself.

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