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Machine Locations - Knotts Berry Farm

Knotts Berry Farm
Knotts Berry Farm (Yahoo! maps) (Google maps)
8039 Beach Boulevard
Buena Park, CA 90620
(714) 220-5200

Hours of Operation: Summer Season 10:00am-8pm/11:00pm
Offseason 10am-6pm
Halloween Haunt 7pm-1am/2am
Other Music Games:Dance Maniax

DDR Machines
VersionPriceMem SlotLocation
3rd Mix Korean2$1.00 for 5 stagesnoBy Perlious Plunge (Buffalo Nickel Arcade) Machine has wear and pads are unresponsive.
3rd Mix Korean2$1.00 for 3 stagesnoBy Ghostrider (Ghost Town Arcade)
DDR EXTREME$1.00 for 3 stagesnoAcross from Charls M. Schulz theater (Buffalo Nickel Arcade) Machine is in poor condition, 2p speakers do not work. Pads are also dirty and have not been dismantled for repair in over 3 years.
DDR EXTREMEnoDDR Megamix with paper marquee next to Jaguar (Fiesta Village Arcade)
DDR EXTREMEnoNext to Jaguar (Fiesta Village Arcade).

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