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Fun House
19 Le Count Place New Roc City (Yahoo! maps) (Google maps)
New Rochelle, NY 10801
(914) 637-7575

Hours of Operation: 11AM-11PM Mon.-Thur.
11AM-1AM Fri.-Sat.
11Am-11PM SUN
Register your Funfuzion card at their website to get $5.00 in free credits.
Other Music Games:Pump It Up Premiere

DDR Machines
VersionPriceMem SlotLocation
In The Groove 2$2 for 4 songsyesOpposite of the Pump It Up Premiere machine. Upgraded to R21. Customs enabled. The usb slots are inside the cabinet and not on the side for some reason. Both pads give random misses. Hopefully they will be fixed soon. ITG2 in a DDR cabinet.
DDR EXTREME$2 for 3 songsnoNext to Pump It Up Pro and near Pump It Up Premiere. Note: This is the machine that used to be at Nathan's in Yonkers. 1st player pad is bad. 2nd player pad is ok, but not great.
DDR SuperNOVA 2$2 for 3 songsnoNear the Pump It Up Pro machine, and to the right of the In The Groove 2 machine. Both pads have been fixed. 2nd player right selection button doesn't work.
DDR EXTREME$2 for 3 songsnoBack to back with another DDR EXTREME machine. This is a Megamix Machine.Player1s green button needs to be pressed harder. Player2s left selection button is broken. Pads are decent but not the best.
DDR SuperNOVA 2$2 for 3 songsnoWhere ITG2 used to be. It's now another Supernova 2 except this one has all the songs unlocked. 1st player pad is good. 2nd player pad is decent.

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