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Machine Locations - Fun Fair Arcade, Micronesia Mall

Fun Fair Arcade, Micronesia Mall
Dededo, GU 96912

Hours of Operation: 9:30AM-9:00PM Mondays-Saturdays
9:30AM-6:00PM Sundays
lastupdate 07/06/10/
Other Music Games:beatmania the Final, drummania 9th Mix

DDR Machines
VersionPriceMem SlotLocation
DDR SuperNOVA$1 ( 4 rounds)yesFuntastic Park in the Micronesia Mall
In The Groove 2$1 ( 5-7 stages or more in oni mode )noat a suckier spot next to "hungry hungry hippos" *note: do not play songs that start with "V". machine will restart. Best place to play DDR here

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