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Machine Locations - Village Square Mall (Family Fun Center)

Village Square Mall (Family Fun Center)
2601 Central Avenue (Yahoo! maps) (Google maps)
Dodge City, KS
(620) 227-8008

Hours of Operation: 10am - 9pm Mon - Sat
12pm - 6pm Sun

DDR Machines
VersionPriceMem SlotLocation
Solo 20000.75 (3 Songs)noIn the mall, downstairs. Machine has a good pad. Moniter has gitches during the menus, but not during gameplay, Also, the machine is a bit of a token eater.
DDR EXTREME0.50 (3 Songs)noIn the arcade to the left. Absolutely terrible machine, both sides are abyssmal. The moniter is faded, the pads do not respond, and there are no redeeming qualities to the machine. Also, it is a CLEAN mix.

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