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FAQs - Para Para Paradise

by Clark Kent

In this game there are 5 arrows displayed at the top of the screen. The arrows go from left, up left, up, up right, and right. As arrows scroll upwards you must hit them at the correct time by waving your hands through one of the 5 sensors on the stage that correspond to it. There are also arrows that require you to hold at the sensor. This game however, was truly designed as for a style of dancing that originated in Japan known as the Para Para (hence the name Para Para Paradise.) There are dances that were choreographed for each song in the game. Videos to learn how to para para can be found at a few import video stores or online. The majority of songs in Para Para Paradise are Eurobeat since people para para to songs that are around 150 beats per minute. Besides in the arcades, Para Para Paradise is also available for the Japanese PS2.

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