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FAQs - Dance ManiaX

With a short lifespan in the arcades, Dance ManiaX is slightly more obscure than the rest of the Bemani series. Dance Maniax can be played solo or with another person. For each player, there are two sensors, above or below which you must wave to the music and the notes on the screen. Little donuts scroll up the screen. Blue donuts signify a wave under the sensors, while red donuts signify a awave over the sensors. Most of the music on DMX is Euro/Rave, although it also has some JPop and a really cool Swing song as well. DMX also has a unique feature called Marathon Mode that allows you to play all songs in succession for a maximum hour and a half, if you can defeat all songs. Bar refills only a little bit at the end of each successfully completed song, or if you reach a 1000 combo.

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