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Konami Music Game News: Issue 01


This week marks the official release of Dance Dance Revolution for the PlayStation® game console. We know many of you have been eagerly awaiting the release of the game, and Konami is very excited about this game finally coming to North America. We hope that this game is very successful so that future versions of Dance Dance Revolution can be released for the home and arcade.

In an effort to help you, we have compiled this brief Dance Dance Revolution FAQ that will give you all the information you need to know about Dance Dance Revolution, where to purchase it, and valuable other info.

If you have ANY additional questions, please send an email to and we will be glad to help you.

  1. I already own the import versions of Dance Dance Revolution. Why should I care about purchasing the North American version?

    Konami truly appreciates your enthusiasm for the game and the fact that you have been part of building the DDR fan base in North America. Now that the game is finally coming here, we still need your support to insure that Dance Dance Revolution is a huge success on the PlayStation®. Your help will greatly influence the possibility of seeing completely new versions of DDR appearing on PlayStation® and in the arcade (versions that are specific to North America). Furthermore, your support will also increase the possibility of getting other Bemani products to North America so that other gamers can enjoy these great Konami games. Konami hopes that you will show your true support and passion for these games by purchasing the North American version of Dance Dance Revolution as a collectors item. Again, we thank you for your loyal support and hope to see you pick up your own copy. You have played a key role in making this game a possibility in North America.

    NOTE: If you are associated with DDRFREAK.COM, BEMANIX.COM, or BEMANIAC.COM, a "Special Thanks" to these groups is mentioned in the instruction manual for the game. This is to thank you for your tremendous support and to give you more reason to own the North American version.

  2. I am really excited about Dance Dance Revolution finally coming to North America. What can I do to help make this game a success?

    Konami greatly appreciates any support we can receive. Here are some ways you can help:

    • Buy the game. =)
    • Continue to ask retailers who do not carry the game to get the game in their stores.
    • Continue to buy your local arcade to get Dance Dance Revolution in their location.
    • Tell other friends about Dance Dance Revolution and get them hooked on playing the game. Have those friends tell their friends, etc.
  3. I have other friends who are really into Dance Dance Revolution and music games in general. I know they would really like to receive updates like this one from Konami. How can they sign up?

    Simple. Have your friends email Konami at and have them include the word "SUBSCRIBE" in the subject of the email. They will be added to the distribution list for future email updates.

  4. I have been looking everywhere for Dance Dance Revolution, where can I actually purchase the game?

    Initially, Dance Dance Revolution will be available at the following retail locations:

    Airtight Garage at Metreon-A Sony Entertainment Center
    PlayStation® store at Metreon-A Sony Entertainment Center
    Virgin Megastore
    Fry's Electronics
    Game Quest
    Games 4 Less
    Game Keeper/Wizard
    Game Force
    Game Dude
    Video Warehouse
    Sony Outlet centers
    Sony Style stores

    NOTE: Specific locations may not have the product available. Try calling the retailer before visiting the location.

  5. I am not near any of the retail locations that are carrying the game, how can I get Dance Dance Revolution?

    You can purchase Dance Dance Revolution on-line at the following websites:

    Konami Online: (go to $ symbol for Konami store)
    EB World Online:
    PlayStation® Online:
    CD Universe Online:

    NOTE: These online sources are carrying the game software only. Future announcements will be sent out regarding the dancepad and bundle.

  6. Why is Dance Dance Revolution only being carried at these retail locations?

    Konami is committed to building up the Dance Dance Revolution fan base in North America. We anticipate expanding the availability of the game on a broader scale in the future.

  7. What are the actual prices for Dance Dance Revolution, the special dancepad controller, etc.?

    Dance Dance Revolution will be available in the following configurations:

    Dance Dance Revolution (software only) with a MSRP of $29.99
    Dance Dance Revolution Controller (dancepad only) with a MSRP of $49.99
    Dance Dance Revolution Bundle (1 Controller w/ game) with a MSRP of $59.99

    Note: These prices are the recommended retail prices. Actual prices may be different depending on the retailer.

  8. When will each of these versions be available?

    Although release dates are subject to change, the following outlines the release schedule for each configuration of Dance Dance Revolution:

    Dance Dance Revolution (software only) ships to stores on March 20, 2001
    Dance Dance Revolution Controller (dancepad only) scheduled to release on April 10, 2001
    Dance Dance Revolution Bundle (1 Controller w/game) scheduled to release May 5, 2001

  9. Since the Dance Dance Revolution Controller will not be available at the time the game is released, where can I find a dancepad to play the game?

    Fortunately, there are many sources for dancepads that are compatible with Dance Dance Revolution. In addition, many of these outlets carry lower priced dancepads. Please check these sources:
    Airtight Garage at Sony Metreon
    Network Video (search for Dance Dance Revolution)
    Import gaming stores (check your local area)
    Mail order game retailers (check game magazines for further information)

  10. Can Dance Dance Revolution be played with the standard PlayStation® game controller?

    Yes. When playing with the regular controller, you will not be required to the physically dance to the steps.

  11. Exactly which version of the Dance Dance Revolution dancepad will Konami be releasing in North America?

    Konami will release the Dance Dance Revolution controller that was originally released in Japan.

  12. Are there any differences between Konami's North American and Japanese Dance Dance Revolution controllers?

    Yes. The North American version uses an improved design for the front surface of the dancepad, allowing for stronger gripping power while you play. In addition, the price of the North American version is less than the Japanese version.

  13. I own Konami's Japanese version of the Dance Dance Revolution controller for PlayStation®, will it be compatible with the US version of the game?

    Yes. 100% compatible.

  14. I own Konami's Japanese version of the Dance Dance Revolution controller for Sega DreamcastTM, is there any way to make this work on a PlayStation® game console?

    There are accessories available that will allow you to connect Sega Dreamcast peripherals to a PlayStation®. Please note 100% compatibility is not guaranteed and Konami is not responsible for any damages resulting in use of these accessories. Check online gaming sites for further information.

  15. I own a dancepad that was not manufactured by Konami but is compatible with the Japanese PlayStation® version of Dance Dance Revolution. Will this dancepad be compatible with the North American version of the game?

    As long as the dancepad was designed to work on a PlayStation® game console and it is compatible with the Japanese PlayStation® version of Dance Dance Revolution, the dancepad will be compatible with the North American version of the game.

  16. I own a game called Jungle Book Rhythm & Groove for the Sony PlayStation®. It uses a dancepad controller to play the game. Will this controller be compatible with Dance Dance Revolution?

    Yes. 100% compatible.

  17. How many songs are available in the North American version of Dance Dance Revolution?

    There are 28 different songs, including songs that are from the original Dance Dance Revolution arcade, Dance Dance Revolution USA arcade and songs from the previous Japanese versions of Dance Dance Revolution.

  18. What modes are included in the North American release of Dance Dance Revolution?

    The game includes the arcade mode, workout mode, training mode and the tutorial lesson mode.

  19. Are there any plans to bring Dance Dance Revolution to other platforms besides Sony PlayStation®?

    At this time, there are no plans to bring Dance Dance Revolution to other platforms.

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