Methods of keeping your place in line

by A-Jay, 3 February 02

Estimating Your Wait

1 song = 2 mins
# of songs in a full game x 2 mins = avg. wait for one game
Avg. wait for one game x # of songs before your turn = length of wait before your turn
Using the final number you get, you can now estimate how long it will take you to play your own game, give or take a few minutes. This lets you know how much time you have to play other games that are free at the moment. Note: this should be only used to estimate your wait, not as the only factor in knowing when it is your turn.

Traditional Coin Line

First place your coin or specialized marker somewhere on the groove between the metal framing of the machine and the screen. Now quickly count how many coins/markers sit on the machine, without including your own coin/marker. This is how many more full games you must wait until it is your turn. Now make sure that you count how many different games go by until your turn is up, especially if you leave the area to play another game to pass time.

Sign-Up Sheet

Place your name at the bottom of the list. DO NOT place it in between other people's names and attempt to claim that you signed up first. Make sure to remember who goes before you, just in case anyone has a problem with the line. I think if a person is not present at the time of calling, skip to the next person but don't cross off the skipped person's name. Repeat calling that person's name before every game, and when the list has made a full cycle and that person is still not present, then you may cross their name off the list.


Place your coin/marker on the machine, and keep in mind who is playing on the machine at the time or the last person who has put up a coin/marker. If you are keeping track of your place in line using the current DDRer, you can politely remind that person after their game that you are directly before them, and ask them if they could tell you when it is your turn to play. If you are keeping track of your place in line using the last person who put up a coin; you go directly after that person's game, no questions asked.