Hikari's Performance Guide

by Hikari, 18 October 00

Try to keep your eyes off of your feet. Someday when you create a routine, you'll want to be able to look at the crowd, not at your feet. You know where the arrows are already, so take a glance up.. at the cute girl standing right there.. the hot guy in the corner... that supershy guy in the corner... just.. don't look at your feet!

The bar is not a lifeline. When freestyling or performing routines, it looks REALLY horrible when you latch onto the bar for dear life. Almost all moves look stupid when you have to rely on the bar for balance.. yes, even if you do manage to spin 50 times in a row.

Not all performances are routines, remember that you can look good doing freestyle for ANY song once you get used to moving your entire body. For example, if you're not into doing crazy moves (flips, bar stalls, 3' kickoff, etc), then you can always just have a really clean fluid style. You would be able to incorporate that style into just about any DDR stage you play.

Note: I don't freestyle much so I can only offer the basics and what I see when I watch freestyle performances.. I suppose all this is easier said than done, but good luck and don't give up.