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OB&MG Policies and Other Things To Know (6-24-03)
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0. PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2003 9:34 pm    Post subject: OB&MG Policies and Other Things To Know (6-24-03) Reply with quote

As rampage told me to "Do what you want with the policies," I have done so. A lot of this is based off rampage's original policies, though.

The FAQ Policy

Read it. Seriously. It is your Bible, except you're expected to read it.

Also, there's a Beatmania IIDX FAQ, by DarkTetsuya. It covers Beatmania and Beatmania IIDX home versions, along with some misc. info. If you need to know something about Beatmania, check there first. You might find something.

Currently, we've only got a IIDX FAQ like that. Sorry, other Other Bemani fans.

The Pump It Up Vs. DDR Policy

A healthy debate about the two games is acceptable.
"I like DDR's music better." "PIU's step's are more fun and interesting."

A healthy flame war between fans of the two games is not.
"Pump It Up's music is gay." "4 panels are for lamers."

The Simfile Policy

Sim forum announment wrote:
GOOD: "You can get the DWI at", regardless of whether or not there's an MP3 attached
BAD: "You can get the DWI and MP3 at"

Linking to sim-files is accepted. However, linking to licensed MP3s for the sim-files is NOT -- and will result in punishment according to the forum policies. So, discuss the sim-files all you want, just not their music. Of course, this only applies to licensed/copyrighted tracks. Music you have made yourself is of course, allowed.

The Sticky Policy

If there's a sticky about a game, please talk about less specific topics, ask n00b questions, etc. there. If you've got something more in-depth to discuss, feel free to give it it's own thread. Examples (I'm using IIDX, since I'm most familiar with that):

Stuff that would go in a sticky:
"I played IIDX today, and it's awesome!"
"IIDX is hard!"
"I just got my first AAA!/What's a good song to try to AAA?"

Stuff that could get it's own topic:
"Give me tips on how top play 1 handed!"
"Should I play with my controller in my lap?"
"What's the differance between the arcade and the home controllers?"

The "This Has Been Done Before" Policy

Yeah, the search function sucks. Still, it'd be appreciated if you looked back a few pages and checked if what you're about to post a topic about has been done recently. Maybe a month or so back, at the least.

Sorry to people with slow connections, but repeat topics are annoying and a waste of time and space, so we try to keep them from happening.

The New Release Policy

Hey, when news of IIDX 7th Style CS, Pop'n Music 10 (or whatever), or Drum Mania 9th Mix (or whatever E15.gif) comes our way, you'll know. So please don't ask for news; if we know, you will, too.

The Videos Policy

Say you're looking for a Beatmania IIDX video. Say you can't find it. Say you want to ask...

Don't. They're Konami's property, just like MP3s, and so asking for them and giving them would be piracy. This only includes videos that were ripped from the game/s themselves; fan videos (such as fanmade IIDX Tatsujin videos, DDR freestyles, etc.) are fine and dandy.

The Survey Policy

Recent surveys show that 95% of all people dislike surveys. And recent studies show that 99% of all surveys are worthless. Most contribute nothing, information wise or entertainment wise. It almost every case, it's best if they're not posted at all.

If you really feel you've got something special to poll the public on, you can take your chances. Or you could PM me to see if I think it'll be worthwhile. Remember, I (or another mod) gets to be the final judge as to what is and isn't worthwhile. Of course, there are some surveys that'll never be worthwhile... "What's your favorite ANYTHING," "What games do you have in your collection," etc.

If you want to know what game in a series someone reccomends, it's best to find a general thread about the series (for example, if you want to know which Pop'n game to start out on, ask around the Pop'n Music sticky).

Other Things Worth Mentioning

"Where can I buy ___?"
Check these places first.

"Hey, I need modchip info!"
It might be here.

Those are posts that might be helpful to you, but are posted on other boards. There are plenty of helpful posts on this one, too, so make sure you search them for answers, as well.

And there you go. Do your best to follow the policies outlined above, and we'll all be happy campers. Except we won't be camping, we'll be playing Other Bemani. biggrin.gif

And if you've got comments, suggestions, or questions, PM them my way.
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